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Hi, I’m Nichelle Bogan and I am on a mission to help you succeed as the great leader you are. Teaching is my passion. I honestly love to teach. When I chose my degree program for Human Resource Management it was with the intent of becoming a HR trainer. That’s just an example of how important teaching is to me. I enjoy helping others have that aha moment. It is completely gratifying to me when someone finds information that I have shared provides the exact answer they were looking for. I live for this stuff!
Another thing about me is I love writing. If you stick around long enough, I will have a published book for you to check out really, really soon ~ pinky swear! And one more thing about me, believe it or not public speaking is well really fun to me. Gasp! I know, I know who enjoys public speaking right? Well, I do. Again, most of the time when I am in front of people I am providing something valuable to my audience regardless of it being a one on one or a group presentation.
I work with individuals seeking information and tools to enhance their leadership skills. Whether you are a new supervisor promoted from among the ranks {trust me you need some encouragement and ideas to keep you motivated for that one} or if you’re an experienced manager or division head who understands lifelong learning is equally as useful now than the “Thinking Like a Manager” course you took 15 years ago.
Providing true assistance for problems like those above is my motivation. My favorite follow up conversation goes like this “you know what we discussed before…well that really worked”. Helping some leaders learn their best way to lead or reminded others how to reclaim their energy is super cool! My dream and my goal is to help individuals have these types of actionable resolutions consistently.

What challenges do you have that I could tackle in a blog post so it could be of the most value to you?
I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment with a topic or question and let’s get this blog party started!


A little more about me:

  • I’ve been in leadership roles for 15+ years
  • I believe that people are an organizations greatest asset and leading them takes true skill. That means knowing the job tasks as much as it means understanding how to work exceptionally well with people.
  • Just in case it matters – I thought I’d mention that I have a B A in Human Resource Management and a Master of Education with emphasis in Secondary/Adult Education.

What About You?

  • Were you prepared to lead? Or can you be honest and admit to yourself perhaps leading people has been challenging. Let’s work together and fix those needs.
  • Have you been challenged with finding your best way to lead those who once were your peers, but now are your subordinates? I have been there and know the struggle is real. I want to help you.
  • Do you seek to climb the proverbial ladder and need to show yourself as a strong leader right were you are? It is possible and I would love to help.
  • Join my Facebook Group Interpersonal Matters for more connection and assistance from those experiencing the same or similar challenges.
  • Don’t forget to submit a topic in the comments so I can address areas that will provide value to you on this blog. Thanks and Happy Leading!



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Sam "Honey" Bogan II

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Nichelle "yours truly" Bogan

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